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March 01, 2022

How Will Geofencing In Cedar Rapids Enhance A Security System?

The latest smart security options have become more capable every year. With that being said, it doesn't take much to neglect to do easy security tasks like activating your a security system, shutting the garage door, or even making sure your doors are locked.

What if you no longer needed to worry about these chores in the future? When you implement geofencing in Cedar Rapids, you can let your system do it for you.

What is Geofencing In Cedar Rapids For Home Security Systems?

Geofencing draws a virtual boundary around your house, which you can set up in your smartphone app. This modern home security option then uses your phone to deduce when you go past the boundary and then initiates pre-programmed actions or notifications.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing is made possible by z-wave, a home automation protocol that smart devices utilize to interact with one another. The technology assists your home security by centralizing all devices onto one, unified network. You are then able to set up specific boundaries on all sides of your home and program what actions you want to take place when you cross the boundary.

For example, shortly after you leave your property, you could instruct your security system to engage door locks, shut the garage door, and switch the alarm back on. Conversely, when you return to your house, geofencing will alert your system to disengage the alarm, elevate the garage door, turn on lights, and even adjust your smart thermostat.

Below are a handful of the devices you may control with geofencing:

● Lighting

● Smart thermostats

● Surveillance cameras and your system’s alarm

● Electronic devices such as Stereos, TVs, and appliances

● Garage door sensors

Custom Geofencing, Schedules, And Scenes Are All Possible With Your Smartphone App

Geofencing is one of the many ways you can utilize your home’s security system in Cedar Rapids. When you download the mobile app, you are able to make the most of home automation. With just a few taps of the app interface, and you can:

● Set schedules: set your smart alarms and cameras to engage at a specific time. Instruct your lighting to turn down to signal that it's time to turn in for the night, or disarm your home’s alarm as you start your day.

● Control device interactions: Make particular equipment activate in response to a triggered event. Instruct your thermostat to activate the fan when the CO detector trips. Or illuminate your hallway lighting if your surveillance system senses strange movements around your property.

● Customize scenes: Create custom room scenes with components that all act in concert with each other. Make your lighting switch off, the A/C go down, and the smart door locks activate when the day is done. Or customize a scene for movie night with the right light and thermostat adjustments.

● Take advantage of geofencing: It's easy to forget to enable your alarm system if you're rushing around in the morning. With geofencing technology and your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch on the alarm and lower the garage door.

Get Started with Geofencing in Cedar Rapids

Whether you desire extra peace-of-mind of a safe, secure home whenever you go to work or you wish to take advantage of home automation, geofencing can help. Contact a skilled member of our team today at (319) 214-2293 or submit the following form to start designing your perfect security system.